Nāda : nidrā – an immersion of sound and deep meditation

Kru Bank & Kru Nuno
invite you to this post-new moon special class which encompasses elements of sound healing, guided meditation and yoga nidra.

An opportunity to practise outdoors, gazing at the stars and allowing yourself be guided in an inner journey of sound, connecting outer frequencies to your own vibrations to recalibrate and harmonize your inner space.

Uniting the primordial elements of life and drawing them in. Starting from the outer skin, working into deeper layers of our mind and body: from nāda (sound) – to prāna (subtle life energy) – into a deeper state of relaxation and yogic sleep (yoga nidrā).

Nāda and nidrā are the gateway between form and formlessness, silence and have a transformative effect on our psyche. The vibrations produced with musical instruments will echo our inner inherent vibration merging them into one, relaxing our main systems. This in turn gives the opportunity to awaken our forgotten, true and changeless essence. Our mind becomes more focussed and we are invited to transcend from a dense plane of sensorial behaviour into a plane of higher power and unaffected consciousness.

Drop in Rate: 300 THB pp

Tue, October 29, 2019 Pai Yoga Shala